Motivation is a special word which helps to complete changing your life and it is changing every day. motivation changing for the better or it is slowly changing for the worse.


Motivation word is derived from the verb of “motivate” which means “move” or “action” our family, friends, co-workers and that all people around us and they are the key of motivators for how we act.

So let’s try to build our surrounding with powerful words, positive vibes and with great motivation.

We all need something to look forward to in our life. a healthy “Anticipation” can help to energize our lives and even help us survive to get through our tough time living in present is very beneficial for us but sometimes our present can feel a bit annoying, tedious and frustrating. Looking forward to some positivity in our future and it can build up the discipline and motivation to tolerate temporary pain or frustration.

A healthy amount of anticipation can be a very powerful emotion and that has the potential to improve our lives. Healthy “Anticipation” implies a future reward and it can be very powerful behavioural psychology in our life.

As you can see we can anticipate both small rewards and large rewards. simply you like read a book, watching TV and listening a piece of music are every small reward that we can anticipate to help us get through our every individual day and another side holiday vacation, luxury purchases are the bigger thing which often spread out over longer periods. Each small and large reward can be a healthy way to build anticipation and motivation in our life so, both mixtures are important to service positively.

Our action looking forward to something important happening in our lives and when we were given a glimpse of a future opportunity the anticipation releases an incredibly and this powerful chemical called dopamine into our system. If we wanted something ever in our life, then we first motivated to strive for attaining it because we anticipated.

Anticipation word is very beneficial for our emotion, physical health and ever our brain and many reasons and it’s a skill worth learning. Our human brain is especially evolved to anticipation and calculation our action and its show our maturity. The ability to anticipate is one of the things that separate our human brain from the reptile brain.

In fact when we anticipate something we don’t know what will be the outcome when our brain looking forward to something and then our brain release feel-good hormones along with our brain reward system and our mesolimbic dopamine which helps to reinforce behaviour and also anticipation teach you patience and reveal what your expectations are and how well you deal with the fear of not getting what you want. Anticipation one of the best skill when we need to work on comforting ourselves and lowering our anxiety and it’s beneficial ability to generate hopeful feelings.

I hope you love my post. Be feel free to give your views and I love to read your opinion.

Thank you and much gratitude

Surabhi B. Das


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