A Decade of Challenges and Experience in the Decade

When I look back at the decade which just passed with struggling life. Today I am much better than in past years. Because I believe every day the sun rises gives us new inspiration for new hope for our destination.

The decade went by has been a fruitful journey with a lot of crests and through but has made the person than I am today.

Let’s start with the rollercoaster down the sweet and sour memory land.

From earlier cooking and writing was my passion and I write since from my school days but after married some responsibility and in my busy schedule I am not able to continue my writing. That day each and every moment I feel like I killed my mind. But it’s true always listen to your heart because “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

I was started my job career on IT sector but after marriage, I shifted my place and 10 to 7 p.m working time is not possible for me and my in-laws family very conservative and they don’t want that their daughter-in-law go out and continue work 10 to 7 p.m. so I am silent a few years and pouring my wishes with my family responsibility but I could not silent long myself and finally thought I have to do something which is comfortable for all so I decide to shift myself to education sector because of its a comfortable job and key factor for women empowerment prosperity


Finally, I join education sector on 2011 as an educationist and After my marriage 6 years I was lost my father in law and same year after 6 months again I lost my husband and that year is too horrible for me and my mother in law and I could not able to do a new thing for me and my family. Even I can’t not able to continue my job.

But after 2 years I decide to continue my job on the education field and I tie up my self-confidence belt and slowly I tried to save times for my writing and I create my free blog on February 2019 and started blogging because blogging is the best platform in a digital world where I revealed my thoughts to the people around me and it’s a huge learning platform for me. So still I am learning new every day on the blogging field.

A successful career and life are used based upon being “on purpose”. I am very surprised by this turning point .yes that time as a mom blogger; it’s very difficult to manage time for blogging. As a mom blogger, because I never ignore my family responsibility and especially I never compromised that times when my daughter needs me and want to spend time with me. Another side I need a very peaceful mind and silent environment to write effectively. So I manage it like other moms when my daughter in school but I can’t continue my job with all responsibility. especially for my daughter I resign my job and now i am trying to giving maximum time on blogging field.

This blogging journey I face so many problems, I learn more and understand my abilities to write and face the problems and I am really very grateful to all my well-wishers and my co-bloggers who help me and support me in my difficult time.

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123 thoughts on “A Decade of Challenges and Experience in the Decade

  1. So many personal setbacks and still here you are standing tall, writing and also a mom blogger! I’m so proud of you for being strong and taking care of yourself and your family. God bless. Keep writing.

  2. Oh my god, Surbhi- I had no idea that you lost your husband. That must have been such a difficult time for you. I am glad that you emerged stronger from that situation and continued to work. Your blogging journey is a reflection of your determination to continue living on your terms.

  3. I felt numb after reading your post. I really don’t know what to say to you to tell you that you have been extremely brave. Keep going at life like you are doing it right now. I hope all the success and happiness for you. No, there is no sympathy. I am in awe of your courageous persona

  4. Surbhi, I was shocked to read your post. You are really brave..means really. After all this, you stood up. Its not easy. I am not going to sympathize. I do feel bad but you are a strong woman and I am not going to make you feel weaker in any way by sympathizing. good luck and hats off!!!

  5. As long as we keep learning and growing, it’s progress. Each incident, each loss makes us stronger and braver. While I am truly sorry for all that you went through, your spirit of surviving it through all odds shines through. And that’s what you should hold on to. You’re such an inspiration.

  6. You are such a brave woman. This past decade was such a difficult phase for you and yet you are here- a fighter, a warrior in the true sense, telling your tales to the world. Balancing your life and raising your kid. I salute you for the courage you have shown. Wishing you happier decades ahead, I salute you for being just you- an inspiration!


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