How to used visualization to help achieve your goals

How to used visualization to help achieve your goals

Visualization is the hidden power and techniques of the human mind. Without visualizing we never achieved our goal. Our visualization has two mindsets. First conscious and second is unconscious. For every part of behaviour and actions guide our unconscious mind and its works for us 90% and in another side, conscious mind works 10%.when we use our conscious mind it always works logically but the unconscious mind works only for video, picture and emotion.

Why we should visualize for our goal and how?

 Once we set a goal, visualization is a powerful way to stay on a track when we can see results in our mind and we feel more positive about the work, which we need to do to get.

How to used visualization to help achieve your goals

Everyday life workload often comes to you at a never-ending pace, but life is about more than just fighting the daily workload.

 If you achieve your dreams, you have to work on your plan and also your priorities instead through goal setting.

Goals are the main part of your plan. Try to describe yourself what you want to achieve and clarity or what you want to achieve. If you have a clear target in your mind then you can confidently avoid negative ideas which are not contributing to your success path.

1. Translate your goal into words and pictures

2. Dedicate time and space.

3. Imagine it again and again with your feelings.

4. Stick with your goal.

You should follow 3 must contribution forms for achieving your goal

Facts: – Try any assumption in your real life and you try continually adjust that strategy through the learning process.

Habits: –   As a human being we all form with bad habits in our life so, first you need to observe you’re those routines which could be hindering your progress to goals.

Belief:-  when you have a belief that your action becomes progress than you write it down or if some impossible is possible for you those are the phrases you write down because when sometime some destroying things break down your planning way of goal but your belief and your previous experience and write words make stronger your belief.

What is the mean of goal setting intention?

Intentional means- a vision for your future you able to see where do you enter to go. Your goal is specific while your vision is broad. How you want to look, how you want to feel and how you want to be in your future.

Doing, dreaming and defining you to achieve your goal. Your vision is the main dreaming part of your goal so your visualization is made and complete with these three habits. And your visualization help to what you want to do really in your life.

I hope you like my post “How to used visualization to help achieve your goals ” and please share your feedback and comments below in the comment box.

Thank you and much Gratitude

Surabhi B. Das

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