How to Make Stress less and Happy Yourself

Your life is a journey which starts from your home to till grave and in these periods the first face is very beautiful and unforgettable for everyone right?

How to Make Stress less and Happy Yourself

Life is a beautiful beach and obstacle like waves seem to ups and downs, but our life is not so hard, we marked it hard. If you know the tricks how to handle your life then you get the haven in this world no need to search another heaven for you.

Your life completely yours so now decide what you want and what you want to give for your life.  life a beautiful gift of God, don’t waste it for bad .try to Enjoy your every second in this life journey and keep good experiences in your memory bag and let them go bad experiences because good experience and good feelings of your mind always give you strength, positivity. Another side your worse experience does not essay to forget but however, we need to regardless of this all things it’s our life journey.

How to Make Stress less and Happy Yourself

I think all you have probably heard the word “Mindfulness” scientifically recharged and it beneficial for people. So, let’s start a discussion about what is the actual definition of mindfulness.

We have in three different positions of mindset:-

1.  Our mind change rapidly and bounce all over the place (when your mind condition very simple)

2. We seem sometimes some people take everything very seriously (when their mind fill up anger or moody)

3. Some people always smiling and jolly mood. (This type people don’t take anything seriously or maybe they want to hide something in their mind)

Human is the only one life who thinking for their future. Daniel Gilbert says Human beings are working in progress that mistakenly think they are finished. The person you are right now is as transient as fleeting and as temporarily as all the people you are ever been. The one constant in our lives is the change.

Being happy good to yourself and it may many people skip this and always try to make them happy by chasing ever-higher goals. I have seen many people busy and running to making money, extending the property, high position in the working sector but no one thinks that if they always busy with this things and no one have a single time for own self.

1. Self-acceptance:-

For many people, self-acceptance is very hard and it’s being with the people’s intention because people are much better collectors of their shortcoming than their strengths. So always try to frequently review your all the hardships which you have overcome and all the goals which you have accomplished and its help to you self acceptance.

2. Eliminate all toxic people from your life:-

Don’t keep negative and artificial people who speak always negatively for you and also don’t allow such type of people who always trying to hurt you.

Try to maintain a distance from such type of people. Make your positive surrounding with positive people.

So what you want in your life be happy yourself. “ladder-like Company who good and positive people and who always mentally support you and help to climb on your success stairs or snake-like company those who always trying to hurt you and even they don’t like your success.

How to Make Stress less and Happy Yourself

3. Forgive yourself:-

Past regrets can prevent us from practising self-acceptance. Always forgive yourself and move on because mistakes always have done by man. So, it’s very important to learn from your past mistakes and mistakes make efforts to grow and accept which you can’t change your past.

4. Listen to yourself:-

Is your values deeply matter for you. If you don’t know your tune value and you constantly feel restless than try to imagine your good memories.

Think about what you want to do, what you listen from others and what you want to tell others which make a peaceful mind

I hope you like my post “How to Make Stress less and Happy Yourself ” and please share your feedback and comments below in the comment box.

Thank you and much Gratitude

Surabhi B. Das

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