How to Handle Yourself Being Practical and Emotionally

Most of the problems in our professional and personal life are because of two reasons; first, we act without thinking and second are we keep thinking without acting.

How to Handle Yourself Being Practical and Emotionally

Be a person emotional and being practical is a completely opposite character. If we people following our heart, it’s all about being emotional and without emotion human being would be nothing more than a machine or robot. Our all emotions arise from our heart and implementation is a part of our brain job.

How to Handle Yourself Being Practical and Emotionally

The brain is natural and there have no emotions. The brain always gives us practical advice and which is always accurate but our heart creates our emotions and maybe it is a person thinking short term but it does not mine that you always have to practice. Sometimes we need to go with our emotions to make a strong relation.

Our brain is natural and it always puss for realistic and brain keep registered of your previous mistakes but your heart create an emotional feeling. There have no any person should not be completely practical person nor emotional person because people should be enough sense for when they act practically and when to act emotionally.

So, both are equally important for a person in personal and professional life. Because being a practical person most important for move forward with the world and other hands without displays of emotion you are alive in this world as a human being. So as a person both are equally important.

As we know every coin has two face head and tail. Being practical and emotional in life also has some pros and cons. So both faces are important for surviving in our life.

 There are some benefits of being practical:-

A practical person is able to weigh the pros and cons of every situation better.

A practical person always tends to be pliable.

People adapting to a circumstance.

Quick decision-maker and they dealing with a situation in one of the best way possible.

Yes, it’s true being a practical person they have less of emotions because you can’t just tell a joke to a sad person to make them laugh. You have to show them empathy and listen to them what they are wanted to say.

If a person does not talk with other persons of their emotions into consideration when you are not being practical.

How to Handle Yourself Being Practical and Emotionally

Our emotions can also play a very important role equally with as well as practical role. Our emotions can play a role in our behaviour, our thinking and our action.

There are 3 categories of emotions:-

  • How a personal experience about the emotion.
  • How a person body reaction to the emotion .
  • How a person physiological response

These three categories of human emotion can play a role in the function of your emotional responses. Emotions can serve an adaptation role in lives by motivating us to take actions and it will help to survival and success in human life and also it helps to allow understand each one’s feelings.

So as we come to know that the emotion serve a wide verity of purposes like being practical and it gives us the tools and resources when you need to interact meaningfully in our social world.

How to Handle Yourself Being Practical and Emotionally

I have seen most of the people talking that if you want to be the happiest person than at first you should be a practical person.

But I think that – only being a practical person it’s not sufficient to survive in this world because being a practical person is good it makes a person realistic but emotional intelligence is also required with practical intelligence. If a person wants to achieve greatness in this beautiful world.

We all know excess of everything is bad. A person successful personal life and also professional life is when you use both of your sense based on the moment or situations.

I hope you love my post. Be feel free to give your views and I love to read your opinion.
Thank you and much gratitude
Surabhi B.Das

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