6 Easy Steps How to Handle Your Single Child

 6 Easy Steps How to Handle Your Single Child:

How to complete a parenting challenge with your single child

Being a new generation parent of one child is it a big challenge for you?

6 Easy Steps How to Handle Your Single Child

I have seen most of the parents of my generation have at least two or three siblings. But now this generation it’s a big challenge for parents for handling two or three children. So, parents should need the parenting styles to change a bit to accommodate for your one child.

We have all 90 the generation growing up with our siblings and other kids around us, but nowadays all single children feel lonely and set a corner and they feel that she or he can identify with the siblings as sailing in the same boat.

There are some steps for your child:

Engage your child in extracurricular activity:

 From recent, some year’s electronic device for maximum children has become the main source of entertainment. Are electronic things or device good impact does that have on our children? How many benefits this electronic device for our children and we should need to take a look at the benefit of electronic things for children’s.

Involve your child in extracurricular activities, it explores the child interests and must important for a child because its help to find things what they are passionate about.

Extracurricular activity not just for busy your child of their free time, it helps and teaches them valuable skills for their rest of life. Group activity or some free teamwork can help your child in many ways because a child is curious and fast learners.

Extracurricular is an important now in education and creative activity and play is the way where kids try the world on her image of their place and they learn lots.

6 Easy Steps How to Handle Your Single Child

Encourage always reading books:

The habit of reading a book is essential for enhancing the creativity of a child mind and reading habit makes child brain more active.

Yes, all parents must be expecting your child to grow as a smart, intelligent and imaginative person so, your Childs reading habit will help them to one step closer to your aim.

Reading habit shown that the children who grow up with their reading habit they have to earn a good memory, grasping power and especially they have more attention capacity for a long period than others. Child reading habits improve their vocabulary with better control of spoken and written language. Reading is one of the most powerful fundamental skills for children who need to learn to be successful in the future. Every child does not love to read. For some of the common reasons they don’t like to read, some child feels that reading is boring because on first and second start reading a book, the child doesn’t know how to take their productive knowledge from a book so that reading not interesting for them but slowly and gradually this habit makes them happy.

Parents should act as a role model and try to read in front of your child and encourage your child to join you and try to make them interesting reading help your child apply what they read and making the connection between.

A book like a garden there is many flower-like little ways to enlarge your child’s world. So teach your child’s love to book and book is the best of all.

Stick to your rules and discipline for your child:

Children need enough rules and discipline to feel safe and secure. Children’s they don’t have any idea about good or bad. All parents want to teach your Childs good things about life.

Parents should be creating rules and discipline that instil values and morals in your child. Since the time they are little they are constantly absorbing any things and habits from their surrounding so, parents need to create healthy rules and discipline for Childs surrounding. Healthy rules always prepared kids for the real world.

6 Easy Steps How to Handle Your Single Child

Parents always try to shape their brain in a certain way but actually, their brain has shaped with healthy rules and discipline habits.

Some parents think that strict parenting is the best way for the child and it makes them discipline and obedient in the future. But it’s not true. Parenting should be known about what harm strict parenting effect or your child. Your strictness makes them fear and that fear pushes them to hide everything from you and they would not be any trust on that parent and child relationship.

Strict parenting rules need but not all time and much and your parent can understand there really are some very important disadvantaged of strictness but also there are as meaningful and beneficial for Childs. Its really is a hard task. A parent should be must enumerate every situation and know how to handle and react in that situation.

Strictness and discipline are most important for your child but you should maintain your strictness and discipline is like a friend where they feel comfortable and safe zone. While your child follows obediently your rule regulation feels free and fear-free

Sharing is a special way of love so, teach your children to share:

Asyou know your child get older slowly, you would as a parents love them to nicely with their friends and neighbours children.

Nowadays maximum parents have a single child and so they don’t know how to sharing and caring others and it not essay for parent teach the concept of sharing but parent it should be starting to teach them from early childhood, not in teen or adult.

A 3 or 4 years child does not understand the concept of sharing and another side if, that child single one. Another side essays to understand those children who grow up with their siblings from early childhood because they do each and everything with their siblings so they learn to share and caring through there early childhood playing stage so, they learn more things in that time sailing together with a boat.

A child sharing is one of the main fundamentals of life and its habits become slowly in your child to develop kindness and self-respect. Sharing not teaches only to be empathetic and it’s a valuable designed for human being and which we don’t purchase by money.

The parent should be appreciated and make him feel good when they share his toy, chocolate or any other favourite things with his friend or siblings. Your every single appreciation craves them and definitely share next time.

You child’s sharing habit will increase his patient and wait for his next turn to play with siblings or friends and especially its help to remove a child self-centred thinking.

Sharing improve a strong bond between siblings, friends and family and especially sharing habit help to your child in shaping their human beings.

 Train your child to be Independent:

Take time to teach or train your children to build a child sense of independence. Teach your child step by step for every new task per week and it’s could help your child to learn comfortably.

Every new task may seem very simple for us, but they are very new and they have no idea about that task. So, a parent should forget for perfection. If he won’t do the perfect as well as you even child could not do it perfectly. Help your child to complete that task without criticism.

Age is the main thing because child age depends on his task. So, we should give responsibility according to his age.

Aware of your child perpetration:

Mistakes made in our life lessons and some time the best lessons learned by worst mistakes. Perpetration is good when its challenges to be overcome so, parents should teach your child how to absorb the good side from wrong things.

 Whether child involves their school activities or playing with friends learning is enriched through error your child learning through their mistakes is a part of how they challenge themselves to learn to do different things indifferently and it’s motivating your child to try new again.

Every child has something to offer the world. So, the parent needs to let them know that what they have to offer is valued and making mistakes is a part of learning and growing in their life the most important thing is to learn from that and move forward.

Childs need to learn from their early in life how to value their mistakes, so parents should always aware of every perpetration of your child and help them how to overcome mistakes and absorb learning opportunity

Children’s lifetime learning opportunity from their mistakes helps to develop their wisdom and good judgment.

Hope my post “6 Easy Steps How to Handle Your Single Child” help you in raising a happy, successful and energetic child.
Thank you and much gratitude
Surabhi B.Das

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