The Power of Devotion

The power of devotion

How devotion help in making calm your mind and soul?

Devotion! Devotion is a special feeling, which is related to our emotion and love. If we say Devotions another name is unconditional love.

People love our devotion to god a sublime feeling an unseen power which that sustains the universe. A real devotion cleans our mind and soul to such extent that we are able to acknowledge our inner voice which helps to restrain us from doing wrong. Through devotion, we are able to clearly understand our inner feeling or voice.

The Power of Devotion

Devotion means dedication and when we fully dedication and when we fully dedicated for anything or conscious commitment to doing those things which we fill our lives with are good and right.

We devoted to god and who specially designed us with different patience, kindness, goodness. Devotion makes our faith strong and brings positivity to our mind. People’s everyday life is challenging and that’s stress. An anxious mindset and perhaps being overloaded with stress and it’s uncomfortable and mind doesn’t slow down. So it’s very hard for you to relax.

Anxiety is a secondary emotion and which is the result of conflicting tensions. If we looking back it seemed like problems were everywhere! Extended family, politics, family members and many more problems issues surrounding us.

In power of devotion, what do you expect to receive from God? Faith or help

Trust in the god with all your heart and soul he will make your path straight. If your future uncertainly now and if worry completely occupying in your mind then don’t worry and remember always – god is always in all of your tomorrow and your future because he knows your destination and he has a plan and he is a special power and this power always help to make your pathways straight.

The Power of Devotion

We may not seem god but we do the feel the power of devotion and its great power in trusting on him. No matter what or how we feel about our situation may be, we feel confident in the power of devotion and god’s presence will go before us, guiding and guarding our every steps and obstacle.

Is it possible for you, to live without the power of devotion?

Maybe not, because our life can only come from God, so, the only god is the source of our life and his devotion gives you the power to the ever flowering wellspring of the living water of life. So, god is never absent from our heart and soul .the devotion is a path where you can increase your faith through the power of prayer. God is the most special and unavoidable part of our life and devotion is a path which helps us to feel, understand and spread believes the power of God.

The power of Devotion helps and improves your some quality


Faith is the willingness to seeing light in your heart when all your eyes see is darkness. So the devotion power brings or improves your faith. Your faith in God means you are nearly on him and depend on his reliability. Your faith develops as you listen to immersing yourself in the word of god and this word or devotion of god increases your faith by prayer. So we can live as people on faith.


Patience is a person’s ability for waiting for something on the tedious situation and it’s not a character by birth it strives to develop step by step built-up with your work. Devotion habit conserves your positivity power and helps to think positively. Love is patience so; try to love God through devotion and its kind. it, not envy, it does not boast, it is proud feeling for you and your unconditional love to god and love always bring in your self-control and your self-control add your patience. Your daily devotion habit helps to improve your patience and even its help to run your smooth journey of life.


A positive mind is key to success. Daily morning prayers bring in you fresh with a positive mindset. A positive mindset can give you more confidence, improve your mood and even reduce the likelihood of developing conditions such as hypertension, depression and stress.

All persons are not perfect. To transform negative self-talk into positive self-talk and devotion of God is the simple and the best way to create on your mind positivity.

The Power of Devotion


Forgiveness is one of the powerful resources in every people but unfortunately it not possible for everyone. Before I was discussing the relationship with devotion and love “Devotions another name is love” So there is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love. Forgiveness doesn’t change your past but it will change your future and it is precious nobility in compassion a beauty in empathy.

The power of devotion it burns your evils and cleanses your mind. Real devotion extends our inner voice which restrains you from doing wrong things. Devotion is the only way which helps and listens to your inner voice and guides you or doing good deeds.

I hope you enjoy this post about ” The Power of Devotion “

Thank you and much Gratitude

Surabhi’s Musing

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