Value of Early Childhood Education

Value of Early Childhood Education and its Benefits

Early childhood education starts through preschool. When a little one starting to crawl they are constantly in motion and they could not attentive on any activity for a long time.

To become a teacher for this early childhood education must be spontaneous and incredibly creative to strive to teach this little once.

For early childhood, education certificate needs all side actively person. Early childhood education focuses on the learning through play and plays meet of the child’s physical, emotional intellectual and social needs.

 Child play and all children have curiosity and imagination power. They evoke learning when unfettered playing is very important for a child’s development by using various games on a daily basis.

Early childhood is an attachment during the year o-2 of age. Parents should consistent with response time and emotions will properly make this attachment on early childhood and there has no attachment then there can be detrimental effects on the child relationship and their independence life.

These technological periods invent so many different technological games. However due to the advancement of technology the art of play has started to dissolve and has transformed into playing child through technology and it is beginning to involve the art and a balance needs to be found.

Value of Early Childhood Education

In early childhood child learning from their first introducing preschool. When they learn many more skills which help to develop them and prepared for the next stage of school.

But there have seems some of the orphan education centres were to provide education. A lack of education during the childhood year of for orphans is a worldwide concern

There are some benefits of early childhood –

  • Early childhood education offers a huge range of benefits for your child as well as families. Child education especially preschool child learns best interact with their friends, parents and other members.
  • Value of child educations instructional activities make a small segment of your child’s day and which is a quality preschool program emphasize them.
  • Early childhood education teaches your child to engage how to better with other children or friends. This education environment allows a child to acquire vital skills and which allow them to listen to others, make friends cooperate and express their feelings and ideas.
  • In preschool programs help to build your child better performance for grade school and help to build their strong foundation for their future life.
  • Childs is always inclined to be curious and interested in discovering new things or ideas. Best quality early childhood programs maximize opportunities for new friends, environments. Education learns them to maintaining the balance with their ability to listen which helps your child’s the vital life skill.
  • That child who receives a good quality early childhood education they are comparatively more curious and confident and its support them to better for their grade school. Early child education learns them to build resilience and face the challenges on their difficult times.

Ultimately moreover studies show that early childhood education programme increases the likelihood for child’s parents and other members and also it helps to set up your children for future academic, social and emotional success.


Uneducated Parents and Child Development

Education is a very precious .nowadays we all appreciate the education and it’s extremely important and crucial to our lives but some of the people do not receive the level of education they have a right to. In our society leads us to divide into two group uneducated people and educated people.

This both types of person has their own advantages and disadvantages and which can be evaluated their status, economic conditions, power and mentality conditions.

An educated person achieves more opportunities to have a good job and they have better income and give support to their child and families.

On the other hand, we seem uneducated people who not completed their minimum educational they don’t get the chance for a good job, well income source and for this reason, they do not enough income to make ends meet for their child’s and families.

Educated parents have a superior status in their society but other hand uneducated parents can’t well establish and even they don’t have the capability to their child education and other facilities of life.

Uneducated Parents and Child Development

Education parents are always open-minded because it has gained high education quality and they must have great knowledge about our world. So they very discipline with caring, loving and with emotional bonding support their child development.

Education parents and what they experienced in their life and they parent forward but they should try to give their child for better education, mental support, and physical support for their child development.

A child always first benefited from their parents and then after school. All parents behavior, attitude, knowledge comes from their education and its quality so their child greatly affects their parent’s activity whom they perform like a role model for their child.

Disadvantages of uneducated parents –

Feeling hesitation –

Nowadays education system becomes very responsible and discipline. So many schools lead a strong push for parental involvement through the parent’s teacher meet. So it can leave some parents feeling estrange and unable to involve in a traditional schedule due to lack of knowledge, discipline and speciality uneducated.

Tips for parents – those parents who feel hesitation to attend the parent’s teacher meeting. They should speak with the teacher on the phone for child progress.

Avoid involving with child –

Parent’s involvement has a great impact on students or child. A child’s type of learning outcome and characteristic of families depend on the type of parent involvement.

All parents’ involvement depends on child’s standardized achievement of the score grade and based on child behaviour.

Some of the uneducated parent cant involved with their child. In empowering of educated parents to advocate for their child education.

But they don’t know about how they behave with their child and support for a better life and they don’t know any better.

They have to difficulty understanding societal issues lower the level of community involvement and lack of civic sense and ultimately they don’t help or support their child to become as a good person for his/her life.

For our society literacy or education an essential tool for individuals in the new global knowledge

So education is one of the key things that can help people get out of poverty. These education systems to empower people and give responsibility to those in need while helping them get an education.

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Talent is a Hidden Wing of a child

Talent is a hidden wing of a child. Talent is the special skills that child to do something very well.

Every parent wants their child to be successful in different ways. Our every child has some talent but a few children are gifted with special talents by his/her birth and while a few are developed when they are growing.

A child builds a sense of self-esteem which he develops his talent with the help of by his parents and relatives.

How do you know your child talents –?

We are maximum parents appreciate our child for music, singing, dancing but really our child interest and ability on that? Because parents don’t know about our child hidden talent or what he/she has on interest.

At first, parents should watch and observe your child what has your child choose for himself or herself will give you a good idea of where his/her talent lie.

Some time some parents thought that if a child playing maximum time video games and parents think that it is a waste of time for their child but it’s not true. There has maybe a hidden talent in your child.

Playing video games help the child boosting his innate talents.

There are some tips on how to a parent nurture their child’s talents –

Observation –

Children are innocent they don’t know usually recognize their own talent even they will pursue them instinctively.

  • Give freedom to do their own –

Give to your child some freedom to doing their own. Whatever they like to do freedom your child mind free and then they do his/her any activity own interest.

  • Provide opportunities –

Talents need opportunities for developing. If a child doesn’t get an opportunity to prove his/her talent then it may remain suppressed throughout in a child’s

  • Provide enrichment –

Parents should be nurturing talent in their child. Every opportunity to enrich your child’s understanding of the subject on activity and it will guide and inspire child drive. A child talent is worth pursuing if a child it can be enjoyed A child talent is worth pursuing if a child it can be enjoyed.

A not only child, but we all are also energized by our passions. Parents should help your child to understand that every person has something special talent and they always try or find a social issue or cause that sparks their passion or talent. Child talent is not possible without his/her skill and passion for something.

A child’s small steps lead to a big dream and it’s have a big space between where you and where you would like to go with your passion.

Child talent is a law of attraction and acquisition is the process of acquiring skilled.


Success Leadership is a Remarkable Habit in a Child

Success leadership is a Remarkable habit in a child

Success is a different power of inner. Which we are following very decisively and its discipline gives us a fruitful result and it’s a success.

Everyone’s mission has success and our life is full of opportunities and full of challenges. Success never comes without a struggle to grab the opportunities and overcome the challenges.

A child’s hard work discipline and dedication are the only mantra in the journey of a child’s success.

Every child has a different problem in their life. Life is a puzzle for everyone but sometimes most of the child can’t find the way to overcome their grief and they spend their rest of in anxiety, depression, fear and erase. So same parents should be given support to your child. 

Success Leadership is a Remarkable Habit in a Child

A child built his/her career on supporting and encouraging parents to take a more hands-off approach, favouring tough love instead of protecting the child from the scary world.

How parents can raise their successful child?

Some tips –

  • Parents should take the opportunity to teach your child the importance of responsibility because their parents won’t always support or save is there.
  • Parents should teach or encourage your child to take the risk because your child should feel comfortable taking risks they are in teen but how long they are calling their parents to ask how they do or any work. If you all time support your child they do not have the life skill in their life.
  • Help your child develop they’re a sense of direction. Adults know very well how to navigate their surrounding but your child doesn’t know about it. So parents can recognize your child that a healthy sense of direction.
  • Parents should be teaching your child how to earn money and how to save and manage them. Even they don’t have a job.

Happiness is a key to success so we should try that our child stay happy because happiness brings energy, encourage and because success is not possible without this.

Parents should be trying to set high expectations in your child because parents predict the child’s success in their life.

Do always exciting work with your child its help fix your child’s mindset and a child’s talent and skills innate and it cannot be changed.

Parents teach them how to manage healthy and strong relationships and emotions.

Social skills are most important for our day to day life so we cannot avoid it. A child’s good social skills turned out to be more successful in his future.

Success brings leadership. So everybody defines leadership differently. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way others. A good leader has a futuristic vision and he/she know how to turn his ideas into success stories. A child should be confident enough to ensure that others follow your child command.

A child becomes a good leader he/ she should have qualities but it lacks some of the qualities them they might struggle to make the mark of leadership.

 A child good communication skills, decision-making capabilities also a vital role in the success and a failure of leadership.


Reading Habit: How to Make Your Child Future

Reading habit is one of the best fundamental skills in a child and its help to learn to succeed in life.

Parents should encourage your child for reading books when they start reading regularly from the as early stage are more likely to enjoy reading later in their future.

Reading habits will serve your child throughout their education and beyond. Regular reading habits help the more your child new words will find their way into their vocabulary.

Reading habit allows your child for exposure to word and phrases that parents should not use as part of normal speech.

When parents allow for reading to their child is not only helping to prepare to learn to read. It’s also help in exposing your child’s rich language they might not hear.

Encouraging good reading habits to help to child’s attention span and allows them to focus better longer periods of time.

By reading, habits team more about the world around and increase interest in other cultures.

Reading Habit: How to Make Your Child Future

Reading habit is one of the best qualities which a person can possess. We are known that books are to be our best friend and it reduces stress and puts us in a good mood.

Why? Reading habit is good for your child

  • Reading improved language skills reading daily to children it can help your child’s acquisition and literacy skills earlier reading habit stimulate their brain part allows for understanding the meaning of language and build their language key and literacy.
  • Books languages are more descriptive and its use for the more formal grammatical structure.
  • Reading helps a child’s academic success.
  • Reading skills help always your child shown that the more words that is in a child’s language world and even they introduce every time more new words five reading skills help your children for development.

There are five skills –

  • Phonemic awareness helps you identify and individual sound which they used for speaking.
  • Phonic help being able to connect the letters of written and spoken for their language.
  • Vocabulary helps your child to know how they communicate effectively.
  • Fluency reading helps for fluency to read the text correctly and quickly.
  • Comprehension helps to understand the meaning of what they have been read.

Child reading habit is the key to their lifelong learning and if they can instil a love of reading at an early stage then it a commitment to lifelong learning sure to follow.

Reading books as sources of pleasant and valuable. A child who gives the reader their own and through the rest of their life.

When a child starts reading the book it benefits range far beyond the development of close bonding with them and your child will carry them all throughout their life.

Some tips for how to make a reading habit in your child –

Parents should create a reading area in their home, where your child will have their own cosy reading corner.

Encourage your child for reading at home and everywhere.

Parents should try to teach and make connections between reading books and real life.

Parents always try to keep reading the material in your home because it helps your child easy access to the book and it helps to understand that reading does not only happen at school. It’s possible anywhere whatever they want.

 Give support your child because sometimes we seem child has difficulty reading and gets frustrated if they don’t understand or they struggling.

Try to make habits reading part of your child’s bedtime routine and this habit helps your child learn to associate reading with relaxation.

Reading habit not frustrating. It is great fun if parents help their child with a little focus and direction then you can help your child for reading boost whatever they need.


Quality Time: How to Spend with Your Child

The quality time which we attend is given to the person. It’s an informal time which spent with some close family, friends, kids, that is in some way they are important or special.

Why? We spend more quality time with our special ones or child

Child or family are first for us. We love our families and spend much more effort trying to make happy and a comfortable lifestyle.

If we want to enduring and successful family life then it’s very important to try spending some quality time with your child and families members.

Quality Time: How to Spend with Your Child

A good quality time offers us discover to interests build our beautiful memories and keep the relationship stronger.

People life becomes so busy in their work directions. There are hardly enough hours left in a day for spending some time with our child. But sometimes most of the people they have not the extra time for their child and this is the reason behind the unhealthiest relationship between child and parents.

Spending some quality time with our child’s it’s building a stronger wall all around your relationship which calamity could have broken it down.

Some of the parents could not spend time with their child. You are slowly letting the distance and letter it turns to ignorance and careless.

Quality Time: How to Spend with Your Child

We seem many families encourage their child to make new friends and another side some of the families are conservative and they don’t want to have the time for their children.

Importance of quality time for your child –

  • A child like a mirror because who spending quality time with the child they can essay identify their strengths.
  • Child spending quality time with you then they should learn good behaviour, habits and good morals from their parents or who gave this precious time.
  • A child always feels comfortable to share things with you. Whenever you spend or give some quality time to your child.
  • Parent’s quality time help to develop a strong relationship with their child. Be sure that both spending individual time with each. This will help not only build memories it also helps to build trust.
  • Quality family time helps to teach your child to grow in a non-judgmental setting and they also learn a safe and supportive environment and which will help them to gain self-confidence in their lives.
  • Parents giving their time to their child and learn them to be a better person. It could be extended to having caring parents. Encourage your child how to donate or share their favourite things and feel proud of their good deeds.
  • Quality time can help your child to positive, healthy and decrease the risk of obesity in the child.
  • Quality time is a notable increase in your child academic performance because those parents who spent time with their child they far better on their academic side.
  • Spending quality time with your child it can help your child develop parenting skills and these parenting skills will help them when someday become good parents
Quality Time: How to Spend with Your Child

Parents or family is one of the single words which are the most important influence in a child’s life from their early childhood.

All children expect and depend on their parents and family to protect them and provide their needs, love and care.

Parents are the one and only secured place where a child’s life begins and never end and quality family time is a most important part for your loved one or your children because family is the only place where children study and learn lots of thing like behaviours, respect others, emotions, managing skills, idea, knowledge etc.

This is one of the main reason why the family important and why parents need to give their child quality family time in their life. Parents are the main source or hidden secret of their child successful life and be a good person in their life.


Parenting is not Easy but it’s a Great Job

Parents! It is a very special and beautiful word which is the most beautiful in the world. Without parents, good health, mental development, physical, social and intellectual development is incomplete in a child’s life.

Parenting is incredibly challenging. Parents are always a special caretaker and proved a good supporter of all-sided development. Actually parenting adverse experiences and it can strongly influence parenting a child from infant to adulthood.

Parenting is not Easy but it's a Great Job

Parenting skills vary by our historical time period and other social features. Actually parenting adverse experiences and it can strongly influence parental sensitivity and children outcomes.

Parenting styles are four to include an uninvolved style and this four parenting style is involved combinations of acceptance and responsiveness, involve demand and control.

Parenting style is significantly related to a child’s mental health and well being.

Parenting is not Easy but it's a Great Job

There are four parenting styles are –

Authoritative parenting style  –

Authoritative parenting style is characterised by responsiveness and high demands. Parents are always responsible for their child’s emotional needs and parents should always set their limits and enforcing boundaries.

In an authoritative parenting style, parents are warm, attuned and nurturing their children. Parents should always exhibit less violent tendencies and also they are interacting with peers using competent social skills.

Parents are more aware of their child’s emotional feelings and reasonable limits.

Authoritative parents rely on positive reinforcement and infrequent use of punishment for their child’s

Authoritarian parenting style  –

Authoritarian parents are very strict and low responsiveness. They are always very high demanded and high expectations from their child’s. When their children do not follow their rules then they should punish harshly them.

In authoritarian parenting, style home is less cheerful, more vulnerable stress and more moody. We seem in many cases this child’s also demonstrated passive hostility.

Parents represent the most controlling style rather than teaching their children to manage their own behaviors and want to focus on adherence to authority.

Indulgent parenting style –

Permissive parenting style is more popular in middle-class families and its parenting demand is very low with high responsiveness. These indulgent parents understand. They tend to be very loving and they are undemanding parents.

Permissive parents are very responsive to whatever their child wants at the time and free their child from external constraints. Sometimes we seem permissive parenting self-control level is very low and also self-reliance because they have a lack of structure at their residence.

Uninvolved parenting style –   

Uninvolving parenting style is a very lack of responsiveness to their child’s needs and parents have not any demanding from their child and they are completely neglected by their parents.

In the uninvolving parenting style, there has a large gap between parents and children. There was no communication between them.

There are some tips to becoming good parenting –

  • Good parents always strive to make their decision best to their child. No one parent is perfect but it does not mean that we should try or work towards for that goal.
  • First, we set you a good level and then we should try it for our children because we are a role model for our loved ones.
  • Human has special power because we learn from imitation and we make a copy of action and incorporate then by our own. Childs specially observed their parents and copy very carefully.
  • Children’s are innocent so loving your child can be as giving those simple hugs, spending some time with your child and trying to listen to their issues.
  • Try to give your child a positive experience and create a good connection in your child’s brain. It helps to boost your child’s positive power.

Good parenting is an incredibly challenging and a great rewarding for a parent.