How to Boost Your self-confidence

We all people want to achieve our dreams and become successful in our chosen field or goal. We discover new things and we learn how to enhance our skills. Whether it’s in our personal or professional life. So we all need the self-confidence to face the challenges of beating the negative thoughts hindering our will to succeed.

Self-acceptance is the right way to change your life. Self-acceptance is not self-defeating! Wanting to change and improve yourselves and reach your goal and it gives you excited for achieving the goal. We all human are a nature waiting for any of those good things which make us happy.

First, you should understand very clearly what you actually need to improve something about yourself and also who you are and where you are in the moment.

How to Boost Your self-confidence

Self-acceptance is one of the most difficult and challenges of human life. In human life self-improvements, another name is self-acceptance because self-improvement means you want to be better, smarter and happier.

As we know that if our veg curry gets more salt it becomes saltier, if our confidence level becomes high it’s also harmful to us but if you have low confidence that is also bad for us. So we need to balance and build up our self-confidence.

Here are 8 things which help you to build up your self-confidence

1. Visualize yourself :

Visualize help to draw your image which you seeing and proud of in your own mindset. When we struggling too much with our low self-confidence than we have an inaccurate perception of ourselves on those particular things or work. So visualization is s best version of yourself for achieving your any goal. Read my post, if you want to know more about visualization – https://surabhimusings.wordpress.com/2019/11/12/how-to-used-visualization-to-help-achieve-your-goals/

2. Set completed yourself up to win:

 First, you establish your self- confidence and you must focus on your goal and try to forget everything about negative thoughts in your lives. Always start yourself with the small achievement which you can achieve easily and your each and every small goal helps yourself small steps towards your main goal.

3. Set your personal boundaries: –

 In every way, boundaries are essential to managing a strong and healthy life. Having a healthy life means not only healthy relationships, limits of needs and expectation. It means knowing and understanding clearly what your limits on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Your boundaries are a sign of your self-respect, so you try to give yourself to set your healthy and comfortable boundaries.

How to Boost Your self-confidence

4. Take care of yourself: –

Self-care is the first priority and important for you and it motivates you to set your boundary to become stronger. Self-care also help to recognize you’re the importance of your feelings and its feelings served yourself well being and which make you happy in your life.

5. Start yourself with small: –

Achieved small things are essay and that does not risk or threatening to you. Your every small achievement improves your confidence level and also improves challenging boundaries. Don’t try to take suddenly any big and impossible because if you big plan not completed by you then it breaks your confidence level. So start like any new skill, assertively communicating your boundaries takes practise and build your self-confidence power.

6. Try to face those things which you scare:-

 As a human being fare or scare is normal. The scare has two sides negative and positive and both sides are good for you because sometimes your ( negative side) scare helps you instinctively protect yourself from harm and help recognized you about dangerous and help to make a safe choice and another one (positive side) helps you to improve your self-confidence. So do one thing every day those you scare every day.

7. Affirmation:-

Affirmation is the best positive way and it can help you to overcome negative thoughts and face challenges. One of the most effective ways to beat negativity is to use the power of affirmations. Affirmation is powerful statements that when properly applied on life can effective, energy inspires, motivate and also influence habits, someone. you affirmation serves you to shift thoughts from negative to positive actions and it makes all aspects of your life more valuable because they help you recognize the power of positively and gratitude.

8. Help someone else:-

Helping someone who needs help and to feel grateful for what we have done for others and it makes feel good when you are able to make a difference for someone else. These good feelings boost your self-confidence power and you will see your self-confidence grow automatically in the right way.

How to Boost Your self-confidence

Self-trust is the first step for your self-confidence and this confidence helps you to keep looking for a new adventure in your life.

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How to used visualization to help achieve your goals

How to used visualization to help achieve your goals

Visualization is the hidden power and techniques of the human mind. Without visualizing we never achieved our goal. Our visualization has two mindsets. First conscious and second is unconscious. For every part of behaviour and actions guide our unconscious mind and its works for us 90% and in another side, conscious mind works 10%.when we use our conscious mind it always works logically but the unconscious mind works only for video, picture and emotion.

Why we should visualize for our goal and how?

 Once we set a goal, visualization is a powerful way to stay on a track when we can see results in our mind and we feel more positive about the work, which we need to do to get.

How to used visualization to help achieve your goals

Everyday life workload often comes to you at a never-ending pace, but life is about more than just fighting the daily workload.

 If you achieve your dreams, you have to work on your plan and also your priorities instead through goal setting.

Goals are the main part of your plan. Try to describe yourself what you want to achieve and clarity or what you want to achieve. If you have a clear target in your mind then you can confidently avoid negative ideas which are not contributing to your success path.

1. Translate your goal into words and pictures

2. Dedicate time and space.

3. Imagine it again and again with your feelings.

4. Stick with your goal.

You should follow 3 must contribution forms for achieving your goal

Facts: – Try any assumption in your real life and you try continually adjust that strategy through the learning process.

Habits: –   As a human being we all form with bad habits in our life so, first you need to observe you’re those routines which could be hindering your progress to goals.

Belief:-  when you have a belief that your action becomes progress than you write it down or if some impossible is possible for you those are the phrases you write down because when sometime some destroying things break down your planning way of goal but your belief and your previous experience and write words make stronger your belief.

What is the mean of goal setting intention?

Intentional means- a vision for your future you able to see where do you enter to go. Your goal is specific while your vision is broad. How you want to look, how you want to feel and how you want to be in your future.

Doing, dreaming and defining you to achieve your goal. Your vision is the main dreaming part of your goal so your visualization is made and complete with these three habits. And your visualization help to what you want to do really in your life.

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How to Make Stress less and Happy Yourself

Your life is a journey which starts from your home to till grave and in these periods the first face is very beautiful and unforgettable for everyone right?

How to Make Stress less and Happy Yourself

Life is a beautiful beach and obstacle like waves seem to ups and downs, but our life is not so hard, we marked it hard. If you know the tricks how to handle your life then you get the haven in this world no need to search another heaven for you.

Your life completely yours so now decide what you want and what you want to give for your life.  life a beautiful gift of God, don’t waste it for bad .try to Enjoy your every second in this life journey and keep good experiences in your memory bag and let them go bad experiences because good experience and good feelings of your mind always give you strength, positivity. Another side your worse experience does not essay to forget but however, we need to regardless of this all things it’s our life journey.

How to Make Stress less and Happy Yourself

I think all you have probably heard the word “Mindfulness” scientifically recharged and it beneficial for people. So, let’s start a discussion about what is the actual definition of mindfulness.

We have in three different positions of mindset:-

1.  Our mind change rapidly and bounce all over the place (when your mind condition very simple)

2. We seem sometimes some people take everything very seriously (when their mind fill up anger or moody)

3. Some people always smiling and jolly mood. (This type people don’t take anything seriously or maybe they want to hide something in their mind)

Human is the only one life who thinking for their future. Daniel Gilbert says Human beings are working in progress that mistakenly think they are finished. The person you are right now is as transient as fleeting and as temporarily as all the people you are ever been. The one constant in our lives is the change.

Being happy good to yourself and it may many people skip this and always try to make them happy by chasing ever-higher goals. I have seen many people busy and running to making money, extending the property, high position in the working sector but no one thinks that if they always busy with this things and no one have a single time for own self.

1. Self-acceptance:-

For many people, self-acceptance is very hard and it’s being with the people’s intention because people are much better collectors of their shortcoming than their strengths. So always try to frequently review your all the hardships which you have overcome and all the goals which you have accomplished and its help to you self acceptance.

2. Eliminate all toxic people from your life:-

Don’t keep negative and artificial people who speak always negatively for you and also don’t allow such type of people who always trying to hurt you.

Try to maintain a distance from such type of people. Make your positive surrounding with positive people.

So what you want in your life be happy yourself. “ladder-like Company who good and positive people and who always mentally support you and help to climb on your success stairs or snake-like company those who always trying to hurt you and even they don’t like your success.

How to Make Stress less and Happy Yourself

3. Forgive yourself:-

Past regrets can prevent us from practising self-acceptance. Always forgive yourself and move on because mistakes always have done by man. So, it’s very important to learn from your past mistakes and mistakes make efforts to grow and accept which you can’t change your past.

4. Listen to yourself:-

Is your values deeply matter for you. If you don’t know your tune value and you constantly feel restless than try to imagine your good memories.

Think about what you want to do, what you listen from others and what you want to tell others which make a peaceful mind

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How to Handle Yourself Being Practical and Emotionally

Most of the problems in our professional and personal life are because of two reasons; first, we act without thinking and second are we keep thinking without acting.

How to Handle Yourself Being Practical and Emotionally

Be a person emotional and being practical is a completely opposite character. If we people following our heart, it’s all about being emotional and without emotion human being would be nothing more than a machine or robot. Our all emotions arise from our heart and implementation is a part of our brain job.

How to Handle Yourself Being Practical and Emotionally

The brain is natural and there have no emotions. The brain always gives us practical advice and which is always accurate but our heart creates our emotions and maybe it is a person thinking short term but it does not mine that you always have to practice. Sometimes we need to go with our emotions to make a strong relation.

Our brain is natural and it always puss for realistic and brain keep registered of your previous mistakes but your heart create an emotional feeling. There have no any person should not be completely practical person nor emotional person because people should be enough sense for when they act practically and when to act emotionally.

So, both are equally important for a person in personal and professional life. Because being a practical person most important for move forward with the world and other hands without displays of emotion you are alive in this world as a human being. So as a person both are equally important.

As we know every coin has two face head and tail. Being practical and emotional in life also has some pros and cons. So both faces are important for surviving in our life.

 There are some benefits of being practical:-

A practical person is able to weigh the pros and cons of every situation better.

A practical person always tends to be pliable.

People adapting to a circumstance.

Quick decision-maker and they dealing with a situation in one of the best way possible.

Yes, it’s true being a practical person they have less of emotions because you can’t just tell a joke to a sad person to make them laugh. You have to show them empathy and listen to them what they are wanted to say.

If a person does not talk with other persons of their emotions into consideration when you are not being practical.

How to Handle Yourself Being Practical and Emotionally

Our emotions can also play a very important role equally with as well as practical role. Our emotions can play a role in our behaviour, our thinking and our action.

There are 3 categories of emotions:-

  • How a personal experience about the emotion.
  • How a person body reaction to the emotion .
  • How a person physiological response

These three categories of human emotion can play a role in the function of your emotional responses. Emotions can serve an adaptation role in lives by motivating us to take actions and it will help to survival and success in human life and also it helps to allow understand each one’s feelings.

So as we come to know that the emotion serve a wide verity of purposes like being practical and it gives us the tools and resources when you need to interact meaningfully in our social world.

How to Handle Yourself Being Practical and Emotionally

I have seen most of the people talking that if you want to be the happiest person than at first you should be a practical person.

But I think that – only being a practical person it’s not sufficient to survive in this world because being a practical person is good it makes a person realistic but emotional intelligence is also required with practical intelligence. If a person wants to achieve greatness in this beautiful world.

We all know excess of everything is bad. A person successful personal life and also professional life is when you use both of your sense based on the moment or situations.

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6 Easy Steps How to Handle Your Single Child

 6 Easy Steps How to Handle Your Single Child:

How to complete a parenting challenge with your single child

Being a new generation parent of one child is it a big challenge for you?

6 Easy Steps How to Handle Your Single Child

I have seen most of the parents of my generation have at least two or three siblings. But now this generation it’s a big challenge for parents for handling two or three children. So, parents should need the parenting styles to change a bit to accommodate for your one child.

We have all 90 the generation growing up with our siblings and other kids around us, but nowadays all single children feel lonely and set a corner and they feel that she or he can identify with the siblings as sailing in the same boat.

There are some steps for your child:

Engage your child in extracurricular activity:

 From recent, some year’s electronic device for maximum children has become the main source of entertainment. Are electronic things or device good impact does that have on our children? How many benefits this electronic device for our children and we should need to take a look at the benefit of electronic things for children’s.

Involve your child in extracurricular activities, it explores the child interests and must important for a child because its help to find things what they are passionate about.

Extracurricular activity not just for busy your child of their free time, it helps and teaches them valuable skills for their rest of life. Group activity or some free teamwork can help your child in many ways because a child is curious and fast learners.

Extracurricular is an important now in education and creative activity and play is the way where kids try the world on her image of their place and they learn lots.

6 Easy Steps How to Handle Your Single Child

Encourage always reading books:

The habit of reading a book is essential for enhancing the creativity of a child mind and reading habit makes child brain more active.

Yes, all parents must be expecting your child to grow as a smart, intelligent and imaginative person so, your Childs reading habit will help them to one step closer to your aim.

Reading habit shown that the children who grow up with their reading habit they have to earn a good memory, grasping power and especially they have more attention capacity for a long period than others. Child reading habits improve their vocabulary with better control of spoken and written language. Reading is one of the most powerful fundamental skills for children who need to learn to be successful in the future. Every child does not love to read. For some of the common reasons they don’t like to read, some child feels that reading is boring because on first and second start reading a book, the child doesn’t know how to take their productive knowledge from a book so that reading not interesting for them but slowly and gradually this habit makes them happy.

Parents should act as a role model and try to read in front of your child and encourage your child to join you and try to make them interesting reading help your child apply what they read and making the connection between.

A book like a garden there is many flower-like little ways to enlarge your child’s world. So teach your child’s love to book and book is the best of all.

Stick to your rules and discipline for your child:

Children need enough rules and discipline to feel safe and secure. Children’s they don’t have any idea about good or bad. All parents want to teach your Childs good things about life.

Parents should be creating rules and discipline that instil values and morals in your child. Since the time they are little they are constantly absorbing any things and habits from their surrounding so, parents need to create healthy rules and discipline for Childs surrounding. Healthy rules always prepared kids for the real world.

6 Easy Steps How to Handle Your Single Child

Parents always try to shape their brain in a certain way but actually, their brain has shaped with healthy rules and discipline habits.

Some parents think that strict parenting is the best way for the child and it makes them discipline and obedient in the future. But it’s not true. Parenting should be known about what harm strict parenting effect or your child. Your strictness makes them fear and that fear pushes them to hide everything from you and they would not be any trust on that parent and child relationship.

Strict parenting rules need but not all time and much and your parent can understand there really are some very important disadvantaged of strictness but also there are as meaningful and beneficial for Childs. Its really is a hard task. A parent should be must enumerate every situation and know how to handle and react in that situation.

Strictness and discipline are most important for your child but you should maintain your strictness and discipline is like a friend where they feel comfortable and safe zone. While your child follows obediently your rule regulation feels free and fear-free

Sharing is a special way of love so, teach your children to share:

Asyou know your child get older slowly, you would as a parents love them to nicely with their friends and neighbours children.

Nowadays maximum parents have a single child and so they don’t know how to sharing and caring others and it not essay for parent teach the concept of sharing but parent it should be starting to teach them from early childhood, not in teen or adult.

A 3 or 4 years child does not understand the concept of sharing and another side if, that child single one. Another side essays to understand those children who grow up with their siblings from early childhood because they do each and everything with their siblings so they learn to share and caring through there early childhood playing stage so, they learn more things in that time sailing together with a boat.

A child sharing is one of the main fundamentals of life and its habits become slowly in your child to develop kindness and self-respect. Sharing not teaches only to be empathetic and it’s a valuable designed for human being and which we don’t purchase by money.

The parent should be appreciated and make him feel good when they share his toy, chocolate or any other favourite things with his friend or siblings. Your every single appreciation craves them and definitely share next time.

You child’s sharing habit will increase his patient and wait for his next turn to play with siblings or friends and especially its help to remove a child self-centred thinking.

Sharing improve a strong bond between siblings, friends and family and especially sharing habit help to your child in shaping their human beings.

 Train your child to be Independent:

Take time to teach or train your children to build a child sense of independence. Teach your child step by step for every new task per week and it’s could help your child to learn comfortably.

Every new task may seem very simple for us, but they are very new and they have no idea about that task. So, a parent should forget for perfection. If he won’t do the perfect as well as you even child could not do it perfectly. Help your child to complete that task without criticism.

Age is the main thing because child age depends on his task. So, we should give responsibility according to his age.

Aware of your child perpetration:

Mistakes made in our life lessons and some time the best lessons learned by worst mistakes. Perpetration is good when its challenges to be overcome so, parents should teach your child how to absorb the good side from wrong things.

 Whether child involves their school activities or playing with friends learning is enriched through error your child learning through their mistakes is a part of how they challenge themselves to learn to do different things indifferently and it’s motivating your child to try new again.

Every child has something to offer the world. So, the parent needs to let them know that what they have to offer is valued and making mistakes is a part of learning and growing in their life the most important thing is to learn from that and move forward.

Childs need to learn from their early in life how to value their mistakes, so parents should always aware of every perpetration of your child and help them how to overcome mistakes and absorb learning opportunity

Children’s lifetime learning opportunity from their mistakes helps to develop their wisdom and good judgment.

Hope my post “6 Easy Steps How to Handle Your Single Child” help you in raising a happy, successful and energetic child.
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Create 7 Good Parenting Habits and Raise Happiness in Your Child

Create 7 good parenting habits and raise happiness in your Child

Many parents of you already know that parenting is not an essay and that there is no perfect parenting. But we should always try to give good parenting and we require good parenting habit for our kids.

A good and responsible parent wants to provide them with the best and always try their kids to be satisfied and growing up happily. Because happy kids always being a healthy kid.  

So, what to do parents exactly need for good parenting?

Teach Gratitude:

Create 7 Good Parenting Habits and Raise Happiness in Your Child
A child attitude of gratitude is a positive way of looking at life and it’s a skill. Gratitude can increase your child’s happiness. We parents teaching our children to say “thank you” is important and child gratitude goes beyond good manners with the child mindset and a lifestyle.

Let’s explain why gratitude is a big deal of attitude:

Gratitudeis healthy for our children and benefits adults with kids alike on a very basic level. In fact, it can increase a child’s happiness level more satisfied and increase self- esteem levels with optimism.
A healthy mindset child has a more positive attitude toward his family, friends and school. When child recognized that the things they own and the opportunities they have come from someone other than themselves than it helps the children develop a healthy understanding capacity of how they are interdependent with each all are and treat others.

How can we help our children learn to live gratitude?

Teaching gratitude not only responsibility for parents it also teacher, caregivers and other professionals who related work with children. Gratitude is very critical to teach our child the real meaning of nowadays.
Those children who are raised their knowledge to feel and express their feelings or sense with a greater level of self-efficacy and interpersonal skills, but we parents know that there have several, scientifically proven benefits of gratitude that helps as a tremendous motivation to instil gratitude in your child’s life.

Try to give your child real responsibility:

Our child is a special part of our family and life, so, try to give your child’s real responsibility and that makes them feel that they are a very important part of our family and its make them responsible and being in charge.
Create 7 Good Parenting Habits and Raise Happiness in Your Child
Give them responsibility as per there handling capacity and their age. Your child’s performing their task and when it is accomplished, they feel the sense of achievement in their little working world. Especially your child’s achievement gives them more confidence and improves their ability power.
Give to your child responsibility and which help to their success in their study life and their future working world. Always be open to sharing your feelings and communication with children because we all parents want that our child raises become responsible children.
So, how we parents raise our children to take responsibility for their own choice and make their impact on the new generation world. You parents try to give them some responsibility which they enjoy and something joyful for your children.
Children always like appreciation so, when they fully complete their responsibility we should need like the rest of us, to feel like they matter to the world, like their lives make a position contribution.
So, parents need to teach your children to handle themselves responsibly in the world, parents you just need to teach them that they have more power to contribute positivity your child will be responsible to the degree that when we support them to be.

Open communication and share your feelings with your Child :

Parents and child communication is the very fast center of effective, where parents understand 80% child feelings, their body language, and hidden region of their behaviour and it is the best way of information from one to other. Parents easily understand through open communication effective, ineffective and negative or positive activity of your Child.
Parents should be able to communicate openly and positively with their Childs because of open and effective communication benefits for both parents and Childs.

How to start communication positively with your child?

Before start communication parents and children both are must feel comfortable with each other and enough to do so. If your child is very young you should be setting the stage open for effective communication.
Maximum parents who provide their child’s with plenty of love, and acceptance are helping to create a comfortable atmosphere for open communication and other hand children who loved and accepted by their parents are more likely to open up and share their feelings and concern without any hesitation
But sometimes it seems very difficult when your child is very introvert and less speaks. So, parents should demonstrate to your child that they accept and love them and you can do it both verbal and nonverbal ways and also Parents always try to send a positive message to your child.
On communication period it’s very important parents should become down their child’s verbal and physical level.  Because all Childs understanding and express ability are different so, parents should try to understand them and try to use appropriate language according their understanding capacity.

Admiration your child with the right stuff:

When praising our children it is most important to focus on their activity, effort and achievements. Praising is the main effective role in encouraging your Childs.
All children’s need praise and encouragement. In this new competitive generation period, many parents fall into the trap of seeing their child’s as extensions of themselves. Parents should need to focus on your child’s feelings and try to say that “I m proud of you”.
One of the most knowing things as children do and some parents complain about is interrupting about the child. If parents instant says to them don’t interrupt, maybe your child stops for the moment but they do for the next time. Parents need to something to motivate to remember that they don’t interrupt next time. So parents notice the time and motivate them and tell them to keep passion or don’t do interrupt.
Your one right admiration always gives your child the right way. Through right admiration help to encourage your child while they are working hard but not only when they are done.
So, parents try to recognize your Childs hard work and motivate again and again to take on new challenges sources.

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Mental Health

The Power of Devotion

The power of devotion

How devotion help in making calm your mind and soul?

Devotion! Devotion is a special feeling, which is related to our emotion and love. If we say Devotions another name is unconditional love.

People love our devotion to god a sublime feeling an unseen power which that sustains the universe. A real devotion cleans our mind and soul to such extent that we are able to acknowledge our inner voice which helps to restrain us from doing wrong. Through devotion, we are able to clearly understand our inner feeling or voice.

The Power of Devotion

Devotion means dedication and when we fully dedication and when we fully dedicated for anything or conscious commitment to doing those things which we fill our lives with are good and right.

We devoted to god and who specially designed us with different patience, kindness, goodness. Devotion makes our faith strong and brings positivity to our mind. People’s everyday life is challenging and that’s stress. An anxious mindset and perhaps being overloaded with stress and it’s uncomfortable and mind doesn’t slow down. So it’s very hard for you to relax.

Anxiety is a secondary emotion and which is the result of conflicting tensions. If we looking back it seemed like problems were everywhere! Extended family, politics, family members and many more problems issues surrounding us.

In power of devotion, what do you expect to receive from God? Faith or help

Trust in the god with all your heart and soul he will make your path straight. If your future uncertainly now and if worry completely occupying in your mind then don’t worry and remember always – god is always in all of your tomorrow and your future because he knows your destination and he has a plan and he is a special power and this power always help to make your pathways straight.

The Power of Devotion

We may not seem god but we do the feel the power of devotion and its great power in trusting on him. No matter what or how we feel about our situation may be, we feel confident in the power of devotion and god’s presence will go before us, guiding and guarding our every steps and obstacle.

Is it possible for you, to live without the power of devotion?

Maybe not, because our life can only come from God, so, the only god is the source of our life and his devotion gives you the power to the ever flowering wellspring of the living water of life. So, god is never absent from our heart and soul .the devotion is a path where you can increase your faith through the power of prayer. God is the most special and unavoidable part of our life and devotion is a path which helps us to feel, understand and spread believes the power of God.

The power of Devotion helps and improves your some quality


Faith is the willingness to seeing light in your heart when all your eyes see is darkness. So the devotion power brings or improves your faith. Your faith in God means you are nearly on him and depend on his reliability. Your faith develops as you listen to immersing yourself in the word of god and this word or devotion of god increases your faith by prayer. So we can live as people on faith.


Patience is a person’s ability for waiting for something on the tedious situation and it’s not a character by birth it strives to develop step by step built-up with your work. Devotion habit conserves your positivity power and helps to think positively. Love is patience so; try to love God through devotion and its kind. it, not envy, it does not boast, it is proud feeling for you and your unconditional love to god and love always bring in your self-control and your self-control add your patience. Your daily devotion habit helps to improve your patience and even its help to run your smooth journey of life.


A positive mind is key to success. Daily morning prayers bring in you fresh with a positive mindset. A positive mindset can give you more confidence, improve your mood and even reduce the likelihood of developing conditions such as hypertension, depression and stress.

All persons are not perfect. To transform negative self-talk into positive self-talk and devotion of God is the simple and the best way to create on your mind positivity.

The Power of Devotion


Forgiveness is one of the powerful resources in every people but unfortunately it not possible for everyone. Before I was discussing the relationship with devotion and love “Devotions another name is love” So there is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love. Forgiveness doesn’t change your past but it will change your future and it is precious nobility in compassion a beauty in empathy.

The power of devotion it burns your evils and cleanses your mind. Real devotion extends our inner voice which restrains you from doing wrong things. Devotion is the only way which helps and listens to your inner voice and guides you or doing good deeds.

I hope you enjoy this post about ” The Power of Devotion “

Thank you and much Gratitude

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